Meet Mesoestetics: Now At DermFit Cairns

What is Mesoestetic?

Meet Mesoestetics: Now At DermFit Cairns. A multinational pharmaceutical company that specialises in skincare and cosmetic research. Mesoestetics produce innovative, efficacious skin care treatments for all skin types. What do you think of when you hear the word aesthetics? Do you think of simple facial beauty treatments like makeup and waxing? Or do you think of an increasing number of medically-based procedures designed to slow the aging process? If the latter, then you’re thinking about medical aesthetics. Medical aesthetics is the use of science-based treatments to combat wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of ageing.

Founded in 1984 by Joan Carles Font and M José Almansa, Mesoestetic has become a large presence in the medical-aesthetic skin care community. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mesoestetic uses science and cosmetics to make formulas that are exceptionally potent.

What Products Do Mesoestetic Make?

The Mesoestetic Line includes both clinic and home maintenance treatments. Many of these treatments feature hyaluronic acid, including Mesoestetic XL Deep Hydration (an intensive night cream with HA) that doubles as a non-invasive facelift or Mesoestetic Face Lift Restoring (an age defying eye contour cream) as well as an anti-acne line, sunscreens with SPF 50+ and anti-cellulite body treatments.

Why Did We Pick Mesoestetic?

Both Lianna and Karen have studied a post graduate diploma in cosmetic nursing which has a significant focus on dermal therapies. They firmly believe, it starts with skin!

Mesoestetic products use leading-edge technology to set a gold-standard in corrective medical skincare. It incorporates advanced formulas like Mesoéclat® and the most recent theories about stem cells and radiance DNA. One of our favourite treatments on offer is the Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment, which reduces the appearance of aging skin and reduces hyperpigmentation.

We knew instantly that our client’s would love this range as much as we do and that we needed to get it in clinic as soon as possible.

Where can I Book a Treatment with Mesoestetic products?

To introduce our much-loved clientele to the Meso Line, we’ve put together two Peels Packages for you! Our Peels include a range of top performing, active ingredients and we’re sure that we have something to cater for any skin type or journey.

You can expect all the usual Peel favs like:

Lactic: perfect for hydrating the skin and anti-aging (fine lines, collagen boosting), reduces pigmentation (dark spots)

Glycolic: Great for acne scarring, evening out skin tone, stimulating cell renewal and softening wrinkles.

Mandelic: Reduces pore size, reduces pigmentation, is hydrating, exfoliating and anti-bacterial! What an over achiever!

Salicylic: Is anti-inflammatory, a decongestant and skin refining!


Book any Four Meso Peels for just $450 or book Six Meso Peels for $750!!

Mesoestetic products and treatments are currently only available from our Lake Street Clinic. Anyone wanting to snap up one of these treatment Packages should Contact Us by calling (07) 4041 4179 or Book Now Online.

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