The Lip Flip: What it is and How it Can Transform Your Smile

A lip flip and lip fillers are both procedures that make your lips look fuller. However, what’s the difference, and which is the best option for you?

Lip Flip vs. Lip Filler

Essentially, both of these treatments aim to enhance your lips. However, how they achieve that goal is different, and the outcomes are also slightly different. Lip fillers live up to their name. Using a lip filler, you can give your lips a fuller, plumper appearance while smoothing the fine lines around them.

The main difference between dermal fillers and lip flips is that dermal fillers produce volume, while lip flips affect only the top lip. Because they use anti-wrinkle injections, they produce muscle movement. This procedure creates an illusion of more volume since it causes the upper lip to flip upwards. It’s important to note that some people find lip flips painful. That said, there’s no denying that this procedure has improved one’s smile immensely.

Dermal fillers and lip flips are similar in terms of longevity; after about six months, either treatment will need a refresher injection. One major upside to using lip flips is if you’re looking for something temporary, then this treatment is perfect for you because it lasts about two months before needing another injection!

How does it work?

Many reasons contribute to the popularity of dermal fillers these days, but one of the biggest is their versatility. They can smooth out lip wrinkles, add definition to the lip borders, enhance the cupid’s bow, reduce asymmetry, and improve lip hydration (not to mention all the things they can do elsewhere on the face and hands). Injections that counter wrinkles are a little more limited in lip treatments, but they can still produce beautiful results. Furthermore, you can treat ‘gummy smiles’ (excessive display of gum above teeth while smiling) or smoker’s lines with lip flips.

The Procedure

Regardless of which kind of injectable lip augmentation you choose, the process will go the same. This includes consultation first. We do this to make you as comfortable as possible and determine what areas to focus on in your treatment. Afterwards, we will cleanse your skin, mark optimal injection points and provide a topical anaesthetic if applicable. In lip augmentation, dermal fillers are injected just below the surface of the lips. A lip flip is done when an anti-wrinkle injection is given above the upper lip.

The Recovery

Both lip fillers and lip flips are in-clinic procedures that you can perform on your lunch break and return to work immediately afterwards. If you receive cosmetic injections, you may experience some redness or swelling. Bruising is less likely to occur. To minimise side effects, we provide you with aftercare instructions. In addition, it may be beneficial to avoid the intense heat, vigorous exercise, makeup application, or rubbing the area where the injection was made.

How long does it last?

Neither a lip flip nor lip filler will give you permanent results, but both can offer improvements that last for months. The longevity of dermal filler can vary quite a lot — six to 18 months! — depending on which product is used. As a general rule, fillers tend to last less time in the lips due to the high amount of movement in the area. Unlike a lip flip, fillers provide a longer-lasting, more consistent look (up to one year). Anti-wrinkle injections last three to four months when used as an anti-aging treatment. However, because the mouth is a high-movement area, the effects of this treatment also tend to fade faster. Patients can expect to enjoy a lip flip for approximately six weeks.

How much does it cost?

As all treatments are personalized, it isn’t easy to define costs without a consult. However, A standard lip filling treatment, for example, tends to be less expensive than the same treatment on your face. Please also keep in mind that fillers last longer than anti-wrinkle injections, which is to say that while a single lip flip treatment may be less expensive than a single treatment, the cost of maintaining the lips over time can be higher. My opinion: a stalemate. Talk with your injector to determine what makes the most sense for your budget and to achieve the desired outcome.

The Verdict!

So which option is best for you? Generally, it depends on your ideal lip shape, the desired level of fullness and preferred amount of upkeep, and your natural lip anatomy. The one you choose is up to you! For a knowledgeable and professional discussion of your options for a lip flip or lip filler, request an appointment with one of the talented injectors at Dermfit Cairns. Call (07) 4041 4179 or Book Online or Visit our Instagram to chat with one of our team.

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