The difference between collagen stimulating injections and dermal filler.

People continue to look for a more cost-effective and safer way to maintain their youthful appearance and the demand for innovative anti-ageing treatments continues to rise. Injectable fillers and collagen-boosting, also known as bio-stimulating injections, have become a quick, safe alternative to plastic surgery. Both products are designed to restore lost volume, but what’s the difference between the two?

Below we compare the features of each so you can make an informed decision about which treatment option is best for you.


Dermal fillers work by injecting a substance (due to Australian law we can’t mention brands or ingredients) that adds volume or surface area when injected beneath the skin. In some cases, it can take up to two weeks for you to see the result in full. Bio stimulating injections help create new collagen and elastin production by injecting a substance that promotes an increase in the production of cells, giving you a firmer and younger-looking skin gradually over time.

Treatment Areas:

Dermal fillers have a wide range of applications – among other things, they can be used to define the cheekbones, sculpt the chin and jawline, enhance lip size and shape, correct fine lines and wrinkles, volumise gaunt areas of the face, improve the appearance of shallow scars and add subtle volume to hollow tear troughs. Even small delicate areas of the face can be treated with the right formula. Collagen stimulator injections are best for larger areas that require rejuvenation. These injections can fill deep lines and folds; providing significant lift in large fatless zones like around the cheeks, mouth area or temple zone. They’re also great at filling out any stretched skin or underlying tissue where it has been weakened through age or injury – such as along the back of hands or even knees – but are not recommended for delicate zones such as lips due to the risk of permanent damage by trauma to fragile tissues.

Recommended Sessions:

A dermal filler procedure usually takes about 30 minutes, and you will typically only need one session to get the desired result.  If any adjustments are needed, they will happen during the complimentary review appointment at two weeks. The injection process for bio stimulator treatments may vary depending on which product and area you choose; for some, you’ll see results from a single session while others will take multiple treatments to show their full potential, with treatments being spread out over time.


One of the many reasons people love dermal fillers is that they provide instantaneous results. As soon as it’s administered, benefits are seen immediately. Fillers may be the best option if you want rapid or dramatic changes quickly. Collagen stimulators take a slow approach and while there might be a slight improvement in volume directly after injection, true results won’t show themselves until 4-10 weeks later depending on the area treated. The product needs time to trigger collagen production in the body and restore healthy tissue beneath skin cells – this process usually starts around 3 months but can vary greatly depending upon a person-to-person basis; optimum results usually happen at 6 months or so (sometimes even longer). A stimulator may be right for you if you’re looking for more naturalistic improvements than what a filler could give out – though it provides similar effects over long periods of use. Dermal fillers are known to last for about ten to eighteen months depending on the type of filler you use and the area it was applied. When used regularly, you will see longer-lasting results than if you don’t touch up areas where collagen stimulation would have occurred. As your body metabolizes the product, it will build its own new collagen which makes touch-ups less necessary – though they’re still recommended to prolong the benefits.


If you happen to change your aesthetic plans or find that you’re not a fan of the feeling, it is possible to dissolve dermal fillers. One filler can be undone with injections of an enzyme that eradicates it quickly – reducing the need for months before its effects vanish. Collagen-stimulating injections are irreversible; there is no injection that will eliminate the result of this treatment – making revision a much more difficult process. These types of collagen stimulators are typically not advised for people who are new to facial fillers for this reason.

Filler Vs. Bio Stimulating Injections:d to Know.

Our highly experienced team will help you identify the injectable that best suits your individual needs. With our extensive knowledge, we have perfected the use of cosmetic injections for beautiful, natural-looking enhancements. If you’re interested in finding out more about this service or anything else related to your well-being (such as new products). Please get in touch or give the clinic a call.

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